For us, at "Arte-Alter", comfort and care is the key, and that is why, we take immense care to provide you with fabrics made out of azo-free and natural dyed yarns. The yarns we use are all natural yarns, like khadi, cotton, silk and linen. The yarns we use are hand spun yarns, and hand spinning is an ancient textile art, in which fibers are drawn out and twisted together to form a yarn.

The advantages of using natural fabrics is that, they are biodegradable, breathable, soft, durable and also can be produced organically. These fabrics are very comfortable to wear, they are porous so they do not stick to our body, and they do not cause any harm to the nature when produced. 
The fabrics are hand washed in minimum amount of water, after the fabrics comes out of the loom, to make them soft and reduce the possibility of further shrinkage.

Written by priyangsu maji