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What exactly we are looking out for?

Well, I’m typing this article on my “virus free” laptop, with my “virus free” fingers, sitting on “virus free” chair, made out “virus free wood”, while sipping my evening tea from a “virus free” tea cup, handcrafted in “virus free” china clay made in Pondicherry. And I’m obviously not drunk, “duhh”.
Taking inspiration from the recent “advertisements” on print, television, and social media, where every single brand, starting from hair and edible oil to shampoo, soaps, packaged food, clothes, shoes, and also electronic items like air conditioners, fans, have all of a sudden started making virus free products. It seems every new item you buy from now on will be “virus free” and will “kill virus”. A fan company even claims to kill and throw viruses out of the window with their wind speed, and a light company claims to emit some kind of weird UV rays inside your rooms and houses which will kill viruses. I guess that’s the new strategy to woo customers to shop in this “Recession times”, which (*not to forget) also has been claimed to be an “Act Of God”.
Well, We are definitely not getting ourselves fooled by these new, so called creative ads and would also request you not to fall prey to these silly marketing gimmicks. Stay safe, and most importantly “Shop Wisely and Responsibly”, which in turn will definitely support small businesses and craftsmen working for them, all around the country.
And keeping in mind the present scenarios, our country has been facing, we are definitely and desperately looking out for “VIRUS FREE HUMAN MINDS”, which I guess, is the most important “need of the hour”.
- Priyangsu Maji

Written by priyangsu maji