1. Wash your sustainable delicate clothing Less
The first and most important tip for sustainable clothing care is to wash your clothes less. Because frequent washing washes out clothes over time.
2. Wash in Cold Water
One of the reasons clothes are damaged by frequent washing is when washing in high temperatures. Warmer water is much harder on fabrics and can cause shrinkage, fading and loss of microfibres. Plus, heating water uses 90% of the energy needed to run a washing machine! Washing your clothes in cold water not only protects the materials, but also saves an incredible amount of energy.
3. Use of Liquid or Eco Detergents
Another tip for sustainable clothing care is to use only eco-detergents to protect not only our clothes but also our skin and the oceans. Conventional detergents often contain microplastics and environmentally harmful toxins that flow through our washing machines into the wastewater and ultimately the oceans of our planet, endangering marine life.
Written by priyangsu maji