Our Story

arte-alter is an eco-friendly fashion & lifestyle label, fashion and textile designers Priyangsu Maji & Ambrish kumar Jha, which proudly promotes sustainability and social responsibility as its core design philosophy and this is reflected in our products and more importantly in the design and development process. We firmly believe in creating impact, from the betterment of artisans in terms of health & safety, and women empowerment.  

Our Product

"For us comfort and care is the key. We at arte-alter take immense care to provide you with fabrics made out of azo free and natural dyed yarns. The hand spun yarns we use are all natural yarns, like, khadi cotton, silk and linen. Yarn hand spinning is an ancient textile art, in which natural fibers are drawn out and twisted together to form a yarn."

Our Promise

The idea is to cater our tribes with pure handmade clothing and aware them to shun away any kind of use of polyester and its blends. As 70 percent of the artisans involved in the process of yarn to fabric production are women, our work empowers weavers, empowers women, and generates employment.

We are presently working with more than 30 hand weaving clusters from all over West Bengal, each clusters having more than twenty textile weaving families involved. As the word Sustainable goes, it means sustenance of nature, natural resources and human lives. Our textiles are hand woven out
of natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool, which decomposes naturally, unlike polyester, and thereby reducing pollution. Instead of using any chemical
dyes, we use natural and azo free dyes for dying our yarns, thereby working towards maintaining a ecological balance by reducing water contamination.