As India is the largest organic cotton producer in the world, and we come from the land of the great MAHATMA GANDHI, (who brought CHARKHA – the hand spinning wheel for natural fibres, and hand spun hand woven cotton fabric, KHADI, we tend to follow his footsteps.

As HE once said, “there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”.

  • In today’s world, where maximalism has been taking over simplicity, and earth is being suffocated with pollution and landfills with polyester garbage and excess factory waste production, we are going back to our roots by celebrating the country’s immense talent and at the same time respecting the artisans associated with every art forms, respecting our culture, respecting and protecting our nature and most importantly creating a global, local and ethical brand (GLOCAL BRAND), where we are motivated to take local art forms from India and present to the domestic and international global market.
  • Handmade and organic products will never go out of fashion, and this industry today gives employment to as many as six million artisans.
  • We use natural fibres, like home grown cotton, linen, silk and wool to weave our textiles, which decompose naturally and thereby reducing pollution.


  • We use natural and azo free dyes for “yarn dyeing” process, thereby working towards maintaining an ecological balance by reducing water contamination.
  • We are a “slow fashion brand” and we believe in slowing down the process and not slowing down production. We are working towards bigger and better distribution channels and reach out to more and more people, thereby creating more awareness, and as a result creating more jobs in the small scale industry sector like our weaving community.
Written by priyangsu maji