All said and done, luxury is time.  The handmade in contemporary fashion as the product of liminality and our reflexive response to it—a necessary process in the renewal of existing values, a more concrete materialistic way to hold back time. Luxury is research, the chance to experience new routes, to find new and not predictable or already seen solutions. Experimentations are luxury. With a dream to spread the luxury of experimentation resulting in a harmonious ecological and sustainable balance, arte-alter, the newbie started taking it’s first step.
Craftsmanship is luxury. A product is luxe when it is handmade, tailored for few. Luxury meaning exclusiveness. Are status symbols luxury? Yes, sometimes. It is successfully coined luxury because of the way time is spent in leisure, the ability to spend slow life. Craftsmanship, is a time consuming activity. Arte-alter as a brand, as a branch of intellectual thought, salutes this luxe thought process, that calls for strong hands and minds for it’s immediate revival. Sourcing cotton yarns form Kerala, the gleaming silk yarns form the villages of
Madhya Pradesh, they are weaving dreams into reality, armed with stories of the bygone era, expressed through the feel of handcrafted elegance.
Luxury is transforming dreams into objects of seamless beauty. Through the impeccable finishing, a hallmark of the brand, a benchmark among the mediocre, it allows consumers to luxury of basking in their dreams to own a piece of luxury, engulfed in love, created by loving hands. Because today luxury involves exclusiveness, nearly uniqueness, and not because it is addressed to few people, because it's special instead. We here, believe our tribe to be special, bathed in uniqueness, for the beautiful heart they have.
Luxury is nothing, but us. We as a generation are empowered with fabled evenings gifted by the elders, the fresh fruit stolen from orchards, softness of handwoven fabric- the journey ahead is to re-create the best of the past, anointed with the best of the present to strive towards a future full of hope.
Luxury is not alien anymore. Arte-alter believes an entire generation can succesfully strive towards bringing back, what is lost, with a slight shift in mindsets. We are glad, that all your footsteps towards us is a step ahead towards that dream. Our dream.
Written by priyangsu maji

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