sustainable fashion, season fluid clothing, ethical, handwoven, handspun, handcrafted with love, handmade in India, shop onlineWe consider ourselves as movie buffs, or more rather say addicted to movies. Whether its main stream Bollywood, to independentsmall production movies, or Hollywood films or even foreign language movies. But we don’t watch it just for entertainment. Our addiction is more towards the art of film making. When we are watching movies, we see it as a form of art, how the lighting for a particular scene is done, or the cinematography for the movie, and most definitely the costumes and art direction. There have been many times that a lot of our collections are inspired by many movies, not to forget our photo shoots and campaign videos. However we have been missing the big screens for quite some time now. Watching a movie on the big screen definitely gives one a different perpective, but hopefully we will be able to get to theaters again soon.
But the lockdown had given us the time to explore OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime, and there have been many a times that we are amazed with the content these OTT platforms has to offer. These platforms has proven the fact that “content is the king”. We believe there will be some changes in behavioural pattern of audiences and there are some very crucial factors behind this.
Firstly multiplexes and single screens have been suffering for quite some time because of the very average content the Indian film industry have been producing, and now with effect of amazing content from OTT platforms, the audience has also changed over time. The audience today has more exposure to good content and wants to see good stories being told and at the same time be entertained.
Secondly, over time, the screening rights have been under the multiplexes and big single screens, forcing the audiences to spend more and more on exorbitant ticket prices. Tickets for big budget Indian movies like “padmavat” and international movies like “Avengers End Game” literally went up to 3000 rupees per ticket in some multiplexes, which has resulted in fewer audiences and more piracy over the last few years.
Third reason is more personal to movie goers like us. We love all different kinds of movies, but mostly good independent movies with unusual story telling and amazing talent, and we try and watch them in theatres. But the problem we face is the movie timings. Most of the times these movies do not get a prime time show and do not even run more than a week. And finally these movies makes their way to the OTT platforms giving these masterpieces a wider audience. A perfect example would be 2018 Oscar nominated Spanish film “Roma”. “Roma” was released on Netflix and with amazing story telling and content, went up to winning an Oscar, and had a much wider audience.
Written by priyangsu maji