Craftsmanship is luxury. Luxury translates to exclusiveness. As mentioned earlier the brand is striving towards creating not only markets for our handcrafted products but elevated mindsets as well, with a dream to create a composition that lives up to the principles of the sustainable world.
The brand in discussion, has taken up the onus of balancing out the needs and desires of every human participating in the process of creation. In our tryst to eliminate middleman, we have joined hands with the weavers creating newer ideas alongside reviving the old forgotten exclusives, taking baby steps towards enriching the lives of the weavers and all those craftsmen, who have put in equal efforts on their journey towards the end product. we have been working towards shunning the age old exploitations of unequal pay structures for different genders. we can successfully boast of eliminating the curse of child labour under their watchful guidance.
 These delightfully painful endeavours have resulted in saving customer, the pocket pinch, a big barrier when it comes to accepting the footsteps of sustainable lifestyle. we have not only offered handcrafted & handmade garments to our ever growing loyal client base: silently we have succeeded in making sustainance lifestyle choice for many.  We have been working towards having the client to embrace the beauty in imperfections, a trademark of handcrafted luxury, la couture!!
While the term affordable itself holds a debatable position, let’s cast a glimpse on how far stretched luxury is made available to our cunsumers by the brand. Not only have we engaged in conversation with the famed & forgotten age old weaving techniques of Bengal, our creative minds have pledged to never compromise in the quality of our product. Sourcing cotton yearns from the land of Kasavu, Kerala & raw silk yarns from the Madhya Pradesh, the mine of stories, we as a brand are here with the vision of earning respectable dependence from our loyal client base, with the essential thought process to deliver at every step ahead. our creative minds have seeked refuge in the traditional handicrafts, mind mapping our way through all departments from creating to packaging, only to capture the most noted emotion: Satisfaction of the client.
Affordable has been described as “reasonable pricing” by the web. Looking back at the jigsaw puzzle of effort and history that we as a brand has been tirelessly trying to put together, we have been working tirelessly to be ticked all the right boxes of exclusivity, time, handcrafted and to top it all warmth of minds weaving & crafting them together, building stories never told before.
A heirloom that rightfully deserves to be shared across generations.  It was never known until today, the figures tagged had so much emotion hidden behind them!!
Sustainable production is a better craft and the pieces will have longer life spans, so that's where we justify that additional price. ... If people start buying sustainable clothing when they're able to, it will eventually lead to lower prices.
Written by priyangsu maji

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