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Modern day "Fairy Tales:"
Few weeks back, we went out for dinner to a friend’s place and an incident there made us create this whole series of articles. So when our friend referred to their four year old daughter as “cindrella”, she immediately nudged her head in disagreement and said, “I don’t want to be Cindrella ,because she is weak. I would want to be strong like Wonder Woman". Her statement made us happy.
We all remember fairy tales from our childhood days. Fairy Tales have been an important part of our childhood. We grew up reading tales of Cinderella and Snow White. However, now that we look back we realize that all those tales had the same story, there was a damsel in distress who was waiting for her prince charming to save her.
The reasons why patriarchy is so ingrained in our society is because from a very young age women are taught that they are weak and that they need men to help them, while boys are taught that they need to be strong and should always take the lead. We all love Fairy tales but the kind of messages that these tales were sending out had to change which meant the stories themselves had to change.
It’s time that we create fairy tales with strong, independent and realistic characters so that today’s little girls could have role models. It’s time for modern retelling of age-old fairy tales, to empower girls in their childhood. Gone are the days of damsels in distress, now the princesses save themselves. Also these fairy tales needs to be more regional and It is important that the characters in these fairy tale pictorial books looks real so that kids today can relate to themselves. Indians have always had an unhealthy obsession with being fair. It’s important that these stories aims to teach little ones to appreciate the beauty and diversity of all skin tones.
Although we have been seeing major positive changes in modern days fairy tales in motion pictures, like the recently released “cindrella”, to academy award winner “frozen” and “maleficient.”
Written by priyangsu maji