Why natural fibers are good for you and good for the environment?

Natural fibers are breathable
– Natural fabric has high absorption quality which won’t harbour bacteria and fungi. It is naturally repellent to mould and dirt. The moisture-wicking abilities allow ventilation through the fabric, to pull dampness away from the skin leaving you feeling dry.
– Often more comfortable against skin. Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester don’t breathe and that can cause irritation and discomfort even for people without sensitive skin.
Natural fibers are hypoallergenic
– Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are naturally hypoallergenic and have unique anti-bacterial properties which add another layer of protection to your skin.
– Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs everything, many people are born with sensitive skin, or allergies, which can be worsened by wearing synthetic fibres.
– Organic natural fibers are not treated with chemicals that cause allergic reactions.
Written by priyangsu maji